Vinlys for "Live in Bratislava" finally shipping!


Vinyls for my latest "Live in Bratislava" are finally shipping! If you pre-ordered the record, be sure you'll be among the first to receive it! 

First run of pre-orders ready to go! #liveinbratislava

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"Live in Bratislava", the new record out!



Official Video Teaser - Live in Bratislava, out Dec 4th 2015



"Live in Bratislava", the new album out on Dec 4th 2015, pre-orders available



Coming soon....


Fabrizio Paterlini - Short documentary trailer from DOGS OF PASSION on Vimeo.


Winter 2015 Top Songs!



"Collected Songs" is now a digital download


You can download from my store my latest "Collected Songs", previously only available as a streaming album only.




Live in Moscow!



Please check my Official VK Page for more details!



"Kepler" is my new (free) single


Year end is getting closer! Is there any better way to close it than having a free new song? Let me introduce you "Kepler", my latest sound - i have been composing this track few months ago and I really think it's an important "step" in my production.

Something different from my latest "The Art of the Piano" for sure and somehow different from my new album will be.

Take it as a "bridge" between my previous albums (mainly "Now") and the new one (which will sound slightly different from "Kepler", anyway) Ok, enogh said - enjoy, download and share!



Some new sounds...


So, just to give you a glimpse on where I am now, I've decided to release this improvised piano meditation titles "Always let it go". 

It's part of the work i am currently doing for the new album and for the upcoming shows, if any :)

Enjoy and share, it's a free download...