... like a glass of red wine on a Summer evening”

Fabrizio Paterlini


Fabrizio Paterlini (born in 1973) is an Italian pianist and composer from Mantua, a small and nice town in Italy, where he currently lives with his family.

He released his first album for piano solo back in 2007 (Viaggi in aeromobile) and since then, his music started to travel around the globe. After exploring the piano solo compositions with several works (Viandanze in 2008, Fragments Found in 2010, Autumn Stories in 2012 and The Art of the Piano in 2014), he then started exploring different setup. In 2013 he released "Now", his first attempt to coniugate piano with electronics and in 2017 he published his latest Secret Book, his most composite album so far. Piano, strings and electronics blend together in a new and interesting formula that brings Fabrizio's music to new unexplored paths.

In February 2018, he released his first piano solo album, since four years: Winter Stories, presented to the audience by recording and streaming on all his social channels one song per day during the week from Feb 12th to Feb 17th.

In November 2016, he founded the label Memory Recordings, trying this way to put his experience at the disposal of other musicians.

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Transitions is an amazing suite of musical statements and considering how short and minimalist the music is, has a very unexpected impact. ” - Dave Frankling

Dancing About Architecture

Paterlini is a tender performer, comfortable with silences, capable of turning a tender phrase with the high keys while sublimating the low. This artist’s love for the instrument.... makes the listening experience feel personal, rather than commercial. ” - Richard Allen

A Closer Listen

When one hears these pieces back-to-back, one experiences a wider range of dynamic contrast than one is used to hearing on the artist’s records, but relaxes knowing that the synthesized tones on other tracks are still considered adornment rather than their compositional core” - Richard Allen

A Closer Listen

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Transitions I

Fabrizio Paterlini

The album "Transitions" is the piano solo recording session performed at the spectacular Villa Dionisi in Cerea in the province of Verona, on a hot day in July 2019.
The whole day is also documented in a short movie that brings the same name as the album and shows the entire recording process.

The eight songs included, all new, are part of the project that Paterlini has carried out throughout the summer on his Instagram channel, the so-called "MicroStories project": short stories on the piano (quite often under the minute of duration) published on a almost daily basis. "How many emotions can you feel in less than 2 minutes?" - this was the leading question Paterlini asked to his audience, while publishing the first song at the end of May.

In the album "Transitions" we find seven micro-stories on the piano plus one piece ("Eyes Closed") fully improvised during the recording session.

The piano, a Yamaha C7, has been modified by inserting a strip of felt between the strings and the hammers, thus giving the sound a soft and ethereal dimension that perfectly melts with the large spaces found in the Villa's halls. The particularly high ceiling (typical of the villas of the time) wrapped the sound in a natural reverberation impossible to reproduce digitally: from the first notes, the listener is thrown into a soft and comfortable environment and the notes of Paterlini cradle him gently, as if suspended in the air.

"Transitions" was recorded during the summer break of the "Piano Stories" European tour, which saw Paterlini play in major European cities, registering, almost always, sold out.
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